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  1. Open any folder on your computer and from the left column click on This PC.
  2. From the top menu, click on the meatballs menu
  3. From the pull-down menu, click on Properties.

4. On the properties page, scroll down and click on Product key and activation.


5. Next click on Change next to Change product key.

6. On the blue pop-up, enter the 25-digit product key you received in your email and click Next.

7. Next it should pop up another blue window that says Upgrade your edition of Windows. Here click Start.

8. Normally is should begin to download and install the updates automatically. However, often time you might run into a number of errors at this point. Not to worry this is a common issue when upgrading from Home to Pro. Below are some of the errors you may see:

9. Here, irrespective of what the error says, a simple way to resolve these issues is to restart your computer, connect to the Internet and run Windows updates.

Allow all updates to fully download and install. Please note that if for any reason your computer is not able to download and install all updates fully, then you need to check your settings and be sure your updates settings don’t prevent updates. Also check your anti-virus settings to be sure they don’t prevent updates. If either your settings or anti-virus prevents regular updates, then is not possible for Windows to download and install the updates required to upgrade from Home to Pro edition, so first fix this issue before continuing with your upgrade.

After downloading and installing updates, restart your computer once again. If your activation hasn’t completed automatically, then make the activation again, everything should work fine. If not, please wait a couple of hours and make the activation again. Microsoft activation servers could be too busy at the time, but in a couple of hours you should be able to make your activation successfully.


If this issue continues after the above processes, please contact our support on info@primetechmart.com for immediate help.

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